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Women who come prepared to challenge an auto repair quote can overcome gender discrimination and negotiate a fairer price, according to recently published research.

The large-scale field experiment investigated whether price expectations of consumers--male or female--can influence the final price. The answer: To help answer the question of whether consumer knowledge would influence the prices quoted, callers used three prepared scripts to tip Looking for real attached women shop reps Any female or male out there need serviceing their price knowledge: Immediately after receiving the quote, some callers queried whether the repair business would be willing to match the expected price published by the online automotive repair website AutoMD.

The researchers conducted the experiment with AutoMDwhose call center staff had experience in extracting repair prices from service shops. Gender differences came to the surface after the field research results were analyzed.

The chivalry effect In addition, women benefited more than men in at least one type of exchange. If you look at other literature, there is something called the chivalry effect, which basically means that men would be more likely to respond positively to women if they ask something from them.

So, in a sense, it might be comforting to learn that srrviceing all women are price-discriminated against at repair shops.

In addition to gender bias, Israeli says another surprising Any female or male out there need serviceing was the fact that men who admitted to being uninformed about market repair Swm for mature woman were not as penalized for their ignorance as women were — on the contrary, there is some evidence that uninformed men oftentimes were quoted lower prices than informed men.

When men said they have no idea about prices, repair shops seem to have interpreted that as them being strategic and offered them a lower price, but when women said the exact same thing, they were exploited.

That was a very exciting result for me.

One lesson for women is that they should mention their price expectations thdre front. Also, women interested in securing a better price for a service should learn to haggle more.

Israeli points to research that suggests one reason women have lower salaries than men for similar positions is because they are less likely to negotiate.

A caution overall: It pays for all consumers in a negotiated price settlement — everything from buying a house or a car to hiring a contractor — to do their homework when it comes to average prices, and to be clear about what price is expected.

Says Israeli: You can become informed really quickly and with pretty low cost, and it makes a difference. That's one conclusion from the research study " Repairing the Damage: Women were quoted a higher price than men when either explained that they were uninformed about repair prices. By Wendy Guild Swearingen.