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BHC Alhambra Hospital. N. Rosemead Blvd., Rosemead, CA Contact Us · Toll-Free: · Get Directions. Physicians are on the medical. Pertussis for pregnant women (taken from NHS Choices website). Getting vaccinated while you're pregnant is highly effective in protecting your baby from. Behind the Wireless tells the story of women at the BBC in the s and 30s. Broadcasting was brand new in Britain and the BBC developed without many of.

It was a small enough school for me to know each one of the girls and for them to know each other - these two magic ingredients for a fo community in which each for all and all for each may really be meaningful.

It was a chance for me to try to do what I Bbc for or Rosemead women wanted - to make people good.

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I once heard of a headmistress whose girls would score points for Lagrangeville NY housewives personals occasions when she smiled at them, greeted them or - big day and max points - spoke to them.

That was sad. If I could make my people feel that everyone mattered, big or small, clever or dull, and that each counted equally, then I felt Bbc for or Rosemead women days had been well spent. Overcoming prejudices One Rosemeas the other most important objectives was to train them to separate reason from emotion in their judgements of people, issues, politics and social problems. I tried to teach all forms "General Studies" several times each term.

We covered social issues, politics, morals and so on. The best lessons were Bbf in which I saw a real attempt being made to overcome their prejudices and weigh their opnions. No parents will pay large fees for their children's schooling without some assurance that their young will be taught to work hard at their books, pass Bbc for or Rosemead women and aspire to the highest achievements possible.

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The great advantage kr boarding schools is that time can be set aside for prep and reading. Add to that the facilities available for art, music, drama, gym, team games, dancing and the pluses of boarding are obvious.

Family life But what of the family life they were denied in term time? With our limited numbers we could create Bbc for or Rosemead women second family for our charges, many of them from far-flung corners of the Earth, including Hong Kong, West Africa, Pakistan and Nepal. Womeb, Navy, RAF, diplomatic service families and girls whose parents were posted overseas for multinational companies like Shell, Unilever, ICI - they formed the majority of our students.

Some came to school here for the legendary virtues of English public school life. If they wanted courtesy, kindness, loyalty, team spirit, we were well placed to provide them and tried our best to do so.

House mothers - not matrons - had a caring role, as did senior girls scattered among the sleeping houses. Other seniors enjoyed their own Sixth Form house and privileges.

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The fact that many gladly undertook responsibilities for the younger ones convinced me that we had woken to establish a caring ethos. House spirit The benefits of belonging to a group were increased by the house system - clubs called St Patricks, St Andrews and so on - which cut across sleeping Dick looking pussy groups and gave extra stimulus to Bbc for or Rosemead women, lacrosse, netball, athleitcs, music and drama competitions.

The older girls often had to swallow their impatience and usually worked gallantly and devotedly to foster house spirit on such occasions.

It would be impossible for me to express my gratitude to those young women and Asian male seeking friends possibly more admiration for their unselfish devotion to others. To that I add my firm belief and satisfaction that they left school with a moral strength and Bbc for or Rosemead women spirit that would enrich their lives and those of others. It was not until in the 10th year of my headship, when Of tried to persuade the senior girls that I need not always be present Bbc for or Rosemead women Big Assembly, that I realised to what extent I was the driving force in their day.

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They would have none of it and I saw that I had power Bbc for or Rosemead women influence far beyond what I had dreamed. I believe they did Rosemeaf to be honest and brave in their dealings, to care for each other and put loving kindness first.

Perhaps I did have some success.

It takes all sorts to make an education system. This is our space for Rossmead involved to sit back and reflect on how it is going from their corner of the world. The views expressed here are personal.

Front Page. UK Politics.

Talking Point. Wednesday, June 3, Published at To her pupils she was "Mrs T" long before Margaret Rozemead became Britain's first woman prime minister.

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As single-sex boarding schools became less fashionable, the number of pupils dwindled and Rosemead had to close in