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Black mixed girl looking for white girl

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For centuries, black women's physical features have been seen as undesirable because of our inability to conform with "mainstream," Eurocentric beauty standards.

And yet time and time again, when a famous white woman adopts those features endemic to women of color, it's considered "cool," "pretty," or "trendy.

Just look at the discussion around Kylie Jenner's lips. She might have the option to get rid of them —or wear "boxer braids" for fun—but for black women, these attributes are our genes and culturenot merely an Sluts Lowell wva. And well, here we are again.

A new trend of white women using beauty trends to appear Black on for example, has come under fire for her mixed-race look, which she. Mixed-race women on what it's like to feel black but look white. . But the experience of being a “Becky” or a white girl isn't something authentic. white girls reinventing themselves as black women on instagram has to transform their faces and bodies so they look “mixed-race” – though.

The latest example to sweep the internet? White influencers and models appear to be passing as light-skin black or biracial women—also known as "blackfishing" —on Instagram.

The conversation first bubbled up on Twitter, after one user shared a conversation between her and another one of her followers about a Swedish Instagram influencer with over k followers. Despite the woman's appearance —deep, whitr, racially ambiguous skin; full lips; and wavy hair—a deeper dive through Emma Hallberg 's feed showed that before all the spray tans, Black mixed girl looking for white girl skin was actually quite pale.

That tweet caused an uproar and a full-on debate about what it means to "look black. The sad part is she really fooled everyone into believing she was a mixed girl. According to BuzzFeedthe influencer self-identifies as white—which she has confirmed to others on social media Glamour has reached out for comment and will update when we've heard back.

For example, after an old Snapchat photo resurfaced of her explaining how she got her hair wavy, Hallberg shared that she sleeps with braids in her hair to achieve this wavy look. And after old images surfaced when her skin was noticeably lighter, she was approached by another Mxied user asking if she was white and why her skin used to look so much lighter.

She responded, giel, I'm white and I never claimed to be anything else. Unfortunately, Hallberg isn't the only white woman who has been recently called out for the same act.

Another Twitter thread started to shed light on several white influencers appearing to co-opt black features. Most of them aren't from the U.

I just wish they were equally intrigued with fighting housing discrimination, mass incarceration, food deserts, poverty, and job creation. As a woman of color, it's disappointing to see that situations like these keep lookingg, and it's equally as disheartening that black women are still being held to a different standard when it comes to our physical traits.

White women work so hard to achieve the same looks we were born with—and they're celebrated for them while we're still shunned. I wish I had an answer to make all it stop. But until then, I'll keep shouting into the void.

Influencers, can you just not? Related Stories: Topics representation identity cultural appropriation women of color. Read More. You Can Wear to a Wedding.

By Julie Sabatino. By Nicole Briese.

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