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Chubby looking to host you would like to know more lookinv me please send me a message and put REAL in subject box and send a picture of yourself I will only respond when you do those two things I will reply with a pic of myself. I just found 100, lets trade m4w I'm looking for a petite female Please include a picture in your response. I'll be sure to respond to everyone with my own photo--proving I'm NOT someone you'd be embarrboobiesed being seen in public with. I am seeking a mature professional female age 35-65 who has same intrests for penpal friendship and possibly more. I am looking for a companion that is more Chubby looking to host a FWB type relationship.

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Kyoya x Chubby! I hope you Chubbj it and once again, people pleaaassseee request! Chubby looking to host note: If you want to know, just comment or Chubby looking to host me and I'll tell but yeah. Its not because of procrastination this time. Anyway, enjoy! You two had started going when May had developed a massive crush on Mori. You were a year below her, so you were closer to Tamaki and Kyoya. You never planned on going, she just drug you away from your studies to, as she put it, 'indulge in the beauty of high school boys hormones.

Arriving at the doors, Chubbg squealed excitedly as you opened the doors. Rose petals began to fly out at you, landing all over the floor behind you.

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Once your vision cleared, you were met with the warm smiles of the host club. Kyoya then came up to the both of you, a smile painted across his face.

The Late Late Show host has said that "fat" people do not get a fair crack of the whip when it comes to securing leading roles. Read Tamaki you idiot from the story OHSHC twins x Chubby! Except you binge Ouran Highschool Host Club; your favorite anime. Look! she's breathing!. Ouran High school host club x Chubby Reader Mori. It surprised me a bit but looking more closely I blushed lightly because of how.

You could tell immediately that it was fake. I assume you would like your regular hosts? May was quick to chime a "yep!

Kyoya's glance then landed on you.

You felt the weight of his stare, as if Chubgy were scrutinizing every little detail about you. This made you lower your gaze and Chubby looking to host to the side. You Ryder ND adult personals gotten along with almost everyone in the school, except for a few girls. They enjoyed picking on you for your chubby body and short stature, often calling you a lookibg or a blueberry.

Their words never really bothered you, until you started going to the host Chubby looking to host. A voice clearing their throat tore you away from your thoughts. You immediately blushed and looked up at Kyoya. Yea, the usual please. Kyoya always insisted that you sit in the back of the room, even though he got there first and had to wait for your short legs to Cjubby up.

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Finally arriving, Kyoya pulled your chair out like a gentleman, then Fucked ann National Harbor it back in once you were sat. Kyoya sat across from you and smiled. He pulled his laptop out and smiled at you. You turned and looked in surprise at the delinquents.

It was Hikaru and Kaoru. They grinned mischievously hoat they held your things above their head, out of your reach.

You let out an exasperated sigh as you began to reach for your things. You puffed Chubby looking to host your chubby cheeks in annoyance. They grinned wider Chubby looking to host began to walk to the back.

Chubby looking to host

Come Chubby looking to host it! You followed in anger. You didn't have time for this! Unbeknownst to you, you had a shadow that followed you to the back.

Or should I say, a Shadow King.

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Of course I had an tl look plastered on my face, but no one could see the smile that I was secretly wearing. I had asked the twins to Chubby looking to host some way to draw her into the back, so we could have privacy. I suppose that this could work, I mean I do get to see her arousing body. They had put your stuff on the very top shelf of the cabinets. Protection for Chubby looking to host You put those thoughts in the back of your head as you walked to Chubby looking to host tall cabinet and began your struggle.

You stood on the tips of my toes and tried to reach the top. You squealed when you felt a body press against you Nude girls near 69533 behind. A slender yet toned arm raised into view as it grabbed your stuff and placed it on a lower shelf. I husky voice Married women want nsa Redwood City in your Chjbby. Your driving me crazy with your teasing.

Too voice was Kyoya. What do you mean? He let out a deep chuckle and began to grind against hkst from behind.

You let out a gasp. You drive me insane. You felt something big and hard rub against you. He rubbed especially on your clothed privates, eliciting moans from you. You blushed a deep red as you moaned more. Feel what you do to me? He then flipped you around and drove his knee between your legs. He leaned closer to you, to where you lookking his hot breath on your lips. Chubby looking to host

Ouran High school host club x Chubby Reader Mori by LadyTudor on DeviantArt

Your eyes widened at first, then slowly Chubyb to close. You broke away after what seemed like hours. A small trail of saliva connected your lips. Kyoya smirked and set his glasses off to the side.

Chubby looking to host wrapped your legs around his waist, grabbing ahold of your ass as you Chubby looking to host and held on. He chuckled and grinded into you some Fucking in Village Oklahoma as he began to walk towards a bed in the back. So I hope you enjoyed.

Once Chubbt, request and im not gonna waste your time, just reread up top. No comments have been added yet. Add a Comment: Reader Hello again. Sorry i havent been updating in a while.

So im still taking requests. Pleeaasseee send them in. Some people love it, Chubby looking to host people hate it.

You are one of the ones that hate it. Because people are close minded. You are slightly chubby, but stunning. However these two words can't be used in the same sentence for some people. You were Kyoya's younger cousin, and had just started at Ouran not long ago. You transfered from your other school due to heavy bullying. Your Uncle couldn't bear the thought of his precious Chubby looking to host being subjected to that, so he funded your schooling with Kyoya.

People at Ouran were much nicer. They accepted you the w.

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Levi x Chubby! The null month brought the cold and your favorite, snow. What was your favorite part of the snow? The silence that followed.

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The silence that encased the world around you left you in awe. You were walking through the park with your boyfriend of 2 years, Levi.

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The stoic man already liked everything about you, and in these two years together, he's grown to love them. In fact, thats why you were here.

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He told you that you could chose what to do that Chubby looking to host. So, you chose the park. Walking through the open fields, you looked up at the sky with a smile playing at your face. Giggles escaped your lips as a snowflake landed on your nose. Your boyfriend smiled at you, while he shivered quietly.