A Tale of Two Dons

A Tale of Two Dons

Luxardo Amaretto
Luxardo Limoncello

Elliot Barker

14 Aug 2015
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  • 5ml Luxardo Limoncello
  • 35ml Basil Infused Luxardo Amaretto
  • 25ml Whisky
  • 5ml Lychee Liqueur

La Famiglia Inspiration

Taken the Godfather and given it a double family twist. In Italy you have the Mafia family, and in Japan you have the Yakuza family; this cocktail is an attempt to bring both cultures together. A simple concept. But as a whole, I'd like you to consider the trials and tribulations that both of the families would have endured over multiple generations. (The earliest records of both parties dates them in the early 19th century.) And because of having such a recorded history, both families have a rich heritage for people to discover - and by entering this drink I am hoping that I can share that with you.


  • Stirred over ice
  • Rocks Glass
  • Ice Ball
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