Luxardo Maraschino Originale

Ryan Christopher Kealy

27 Jul 2015
Via Website


  • 35ml Luxardo Maraschino Originale
  • Heaped tea spoon Homemade orange marmalade
  • 40ml Whiskey

La Famiglia Inspiration

For me la famiglia is a big part of my life my culture and my heritage, I'm form descent so family is key. The name of the drink comes from the two most important women in my family, my mum and my nana, and its from an old Irish song Which goes; A mothers Loves a blessing, no matter where you roam, keep her while she's living, you'll miss her when she gone, love her as in childhood, though feeble old and grey, for you'll never miss your mothers love till she's buried beneath the clay. The next part of inspiration comes from my grandfather and his tradition of whiskey, I designed this drink to be an after dinner drink, and that's because for us as children after dinner we were given a shot of whiskey and an orange, so our pallets could become accustom to whiskey, a little foot note the first thing that ever touched my lips was a bit of whiskey from my grandfather, sort of Irish blessing Lastly where the marmalade comes into play, well for me breakfast was my favorite part of the day growing up, we'd all get up together and there would always be fresh Irish soda bread and my nana's marmalade, which is the recipe I used in my drink after she left her old cook book to me. So there we have the inspiration to my drink, I hope you enjoy, and see you in the semi-final.


  • First chill a brandy balloon
  • Start by adding one heaped tea spoon of orange marmalade.
  • Breakdown the marmalade with Luxardo maraschino.
  • Once broken down fill the mixing 2/3rds of the glass and stir for about 30 seconds or until correct dilution.
  • Add Whiskey and continue to stir until the ingredients have blended properly,
  • Check for taste it should have a burst of maraschino followed by a subtle hint of whiskey and a bitter orange finish.
  • The drink should be a golden orange colour
  • Once ready strain in your chilled brandy balloon, and rub the orange zest around the glass before dropping it into the drink.
  • And there we have a Blessing.
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