Dolce Italia

Dolce Italia

Luxardo Amaretto

Hyacinthe Lescoët

17 Jul 2014
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  • 30ml Luxardo Amaretto
  • 20ml Acorn liqueur
  • 25ml Lemon juice
  • 25ml Egg white
  • 5ml Homemade lemon sherbet

Italian Inspiration

Food is more important than anything in Italy, almost as important as the love that family members give to each other. I remember those delightful and sweet moments spent sat at a table, sometimes for a whole day when the dessert came. This drink is a homage to all the love Italy gave to me. I dropped a piece of my heart there, in the "Dolce Italia". Luxardo Amaretto di Saschira is definitely one of the symbols of those after dinner moments we used to spend together not far from Sorrento, where the lemons are the best on earth. That's why I wished to add an extra lemon element with a homemade sherbet, remembering how good the gelato was in Italy. To pay homage to the longevity of the Luxardo family, I decided to insert the "Dolce Italia" an acorn liqueur, fruit of the oak.


  • Add all the ingredients into a boston shaker,
  • Dry shake first, then shake over ice,
  • Single strain into a chilled large coupette,
  • Grate a fresh nutmeg right over the cocktail.
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