Ecce Bombo

Ecce Bombo

Luxardo Sangue Morlacco
Luxardo Limoncello

Angelo Rossi

15 Jul 2014
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  • 20ml Luxardo Sangue Morlacco
  • 10ml Luxardo Limoncello
  • 20ml Grappa
  • 10ml Hazelnut Liquer
  • 50ml Apple flavoured tea
  • 4/5 Thyme sprigs

Italian Inspiration

I made my drink using all Italian liquers or distillates and fruit that reminds me of the colours and the smells of my country (Italy). I added a touch of '' macchia mediterranea aroma...'' Ecce Bombo I think is very representative name for something typically Italian!


  • Prepare the tea and leave it to go cold,
  • Pour all the ingredients into a shaker,
  • Shake them with ice and double strain into martini glass,
  • Add the garnish, one slice of dry apple,
  • Enjoy the drink!
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