Luxardo Limoncello
The original Maraschino Cherries

Simone Ditadi

31 Jul 2015
Via Website


  • 25ml Luxardo Limoncello
  • 15ml Luxardo Maraschino Originale
  • 25ml Grappa Luxardo
  • Hard Liquorice sweets

La Famiglia Inspiration

There is a family we choose and one we do not. One come from the past and one is direct to the future. Both require our respect and are fed with our love. I thought about two families when I first started to mix ingredients for this competition, I am from a little town between Venice and Padua and the story of the Luxardo family belongs also to our people. The idea of strong bonds and unconditional love that helps to outdo everything the life can throw to us, that is why I decided to use only products from the Luxardo family, who stays together is always able to stand up again. The name itself, Eclipse, come from one of the most terrible fear from the past, the possibility that the sun will not shine again. We now know that the sun can only be weakened for short time but it always comes back strong as before. The darkness of the liquorice draws on the glass the thoughts behind the cocktail, and its flavour...actually, lemon and liquorice is my girlfriend's favourite ice-cream. The family direct to the future.


  • Shake all the ingredients but the liquorices
  • Double strain in a chilled Martini glass
  • Add the bar spoon of liquorice sweets, they will sink and start melting
  • Decorate with the liquorice stick
  • The drinker has to be able to stir the Eclipse with the stick and modify the ratio of the liquorice
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