Mok-a Luxardo

Mok-a Luxardo

Luxardo Maraschino Originale

Davide Gervasoni

16 Jul 2014
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  • 20 ml Luxardo Maraschino Originale
  • 37.5 ml Gin
  • 25 ml Homemade Nutella & Ginger syrup
  • 3 drops Chocolate bitters
  • 20 ml Egg White

Italian Inspiration

Coming from Verbania, a small town in the north of Italy, coffee had always played a major part in the local culture. Afternoons, when the temperatures soared and work became all but impossible, my close friends and colleagues would gather together in the local cafe to enjoy a coffee. The coffee we drank was always well accompanied by the flavors of hazelnut, ginger and chocolate which I've combined into this drink. This drink takes me back to those afternoons in the sun with family and friends in my home town.


  • Combine all ingredients into Boston shaker,
  • Dry shake followed by wet shake,
  • Fine strain into cappuccino glass,
  • Garnish with grated coffee bean,
  • Serve with a home made ginger biscuit on side.
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