Perfect Couple

Perfect Couple

Luxardo Limoncello
Luxardo Sambuca

Tomas Skrickas

14 Jul 2015
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  • 15ml Luxardo Sambucca
  • 15ml Luxardo Limoncello
  • 40ml Black Raspberry Liqueur
  • 5ml Simple sugar
  • 10ml Lemon Juice
  • Grenadine syrup foam

La Famiglia Inspiration

Family is not one person in the beginning. You have to find second part of your soul. So I created cocktail with extra dessert on side. Dessert is sweet ( like a lady or my second part) and this drink is strong and with excellent Luxardo Sambucca taste ( like a man or me, person with excellent Wow effect ) I hope that you enjoy them both because no one can create Family alone.


Cocktail created in two methods:

  • 1.Jelly
    Limoncello 15ml
    Chambord 15ml 
  • 2. Cocktail
    Sambuca 15ml
    Chambord 25ml
    Simple syrup 5ml
    Lemon juice 10ml
  • Grenadine foam created using molecular mixology.
  • Cocktail made in shaker and poured in to glass, on top goes grenadine syrup foam made with molecular mixology kit.
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