The Blue Penguin

The Blue Penguin

Luxardo Limoncello
Luxardo Sambuca

Gabriel Almeida

13 Aug 2015
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  • Few drops Luxardo Sambucca
  • 25ml Luxardo Limoncello
  • 6 Lime wedges
  • 25ml Blue Curacao liqueur
  • 10ml Sugar Gomme

La Famiglia Inspiration

Inspired by the hearty and flavoursome citric lemons of southern Italy used in Luxardo Limoncello. I was inspired to mix different citric flavours and fruits to create a cool, easy to drink, citric flavoured cocktail.


  • Cool martini glasses with ice and water
  • Crush 6 lime wedges in boston shaker
  • Add Luxardo Limoncello, Luxardo Sambuca, Sugar Gomme, and Blue Curacao liqueur. 
  • Shake all of this with ice
  • Crush 300ml of ice as much as possible
  • Squeeze a lime wedge into the bottom of the martini glass
  • Fill the martini glass with the crushed ice. Place two short straws in the middle of the crushed ice, so they are standing up solidly
  • Whilst double straining, pore the liquid in the Boston shaker into to the middle of the crushed ice
  • Garnish it with a lime wedge or lime peel
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