The Goofy King Legacy

The Goofy King Legacy

Luxardo Sangue Morlacco
The original Maraschino Cherries

Matteo Rebuffo

13 Jul 2015
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  • 1 Luxardo Original Maraschino cherry
  • 25ml Luxardo Sangue Morlacco
  • 25ml Grappa
  • 25ml Sweet Vermouth
  • 25ml Orange Juice
  • 1 Sage leaf

La Famiglia Inspiration

Every element of this cocktail is strictly connected with my family and reminds me of those endless lunches during summertime. after tons of homemade sage "ravioli", everyone had his own after lunch drink: Being italian, my grandfather was a huge fan of grappa; on the other side, my mum and my grandma loved to eat gelato with Sangue Morlacco and they used to squeezed some orange juice for me, saying :"drink it! it's very healty!". My father was more on vermouth. If I close my eyes and I think about this cocktail, all I can see is that long table full of happy people: The Rebuffo (which means "goofy king") family and his legacy made of sweet memories.


  • Pour equal parts (25 ml) of very good quality Grappa, Luxardo Sangue Morlacco, Sweet Vermouth and fresh Orange Juice in a shaker.
  • Add two Sage Leaves and shake.
  • Strain in a coupette, garnish with sage leaf, orange twist and Luxardo cherry.
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