The Poet's Meditation

The Poet's Meditation

Aperitivo Luxardo

Danilo Lanteri

23 Jun 2014
Via Website


  • 30 ml of Grape Brandy,
  • 20 ml of Sangue Morlacco,
  • 10 ml of Luxardo Maraschino,
  • 10 ml of Luxardo Cherry Syrup,
  • 6 ml of Chocolate bitter,
  • Cherry wood smoke,
  • Method: Stir
  • Garnish: Cinnamon, orange zest, edible flowers
  • Glass: Cocktail glass
  • Instructions: Pour all the ingredients inside a pre-chilled mixing glass, add the ice. Stir gently for at least 40 seconds. Using a polyscience smoking gun introduce the cherry wood smoke inside the mixing glass and cover for few seconds.
  • Pour inside a pre-chilled glass over an ice chunk.
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