Uomo Di Famiglia

Uomo Di Famiglia

Luxardo Amaretto

Santiago Michelis

29 Jul 2015
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  • 25ml Luxardo Amaretto
  • 25ml Bourbon
  • 25ml Espresso
  • 25ml Italian Bitter
  • Cinnamon Powder

La Famiglia Inspiration

Uomo Di Famiglia ('men of family') blends Luxardo family's italian heritage with my childhood flavours and memories of italian family sundays in Argentina. The drink is composed by my father's love for whiskey, my nono Alberto and his daytime amaros with soda, and the espresso with little amaretto biscuits (amarettis) that my nono Felix used to have after any meal.


  • Mix all ingredients and shake for 35 seconds with cubed ice.
  • Double strain into chilled cocktail glass of choice and garnish with cinnamon powder.
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