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I love small breasted flat chested women I Am Want Real Sex Dating

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I love small breasted flat chested women

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What do you love about tiny boobs?

You're done! Unless you want to share an embarrassing story about an encounter with breasts, and you know you do.

There's more to the boob story. Check back soon for my follow-up queries with the guys about what makes big boobs great.

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More content from YourTango: Guys, your ideal size isn't necessarily set in stone. In fact, it may change based on your employment status or even whether you forgot breakfast.

According to British researchers Dr. Viren Swami and Dr.

Martin Tovee, men's levels of "resource security" -- how comfortable they feel about their ability to survive -- predict what kind of boobs they like. Breastedd researchers' experiments found that wealthy guys, as well as guys who had just eaten, rated smaller breasts as more attractive. The less dough a dude had, or the hungrier he vreasted, the more he found larger boobs attractive, "as large size I love small breasted flat chested women be an honest signal of access to resources.

Men who strongly prefer a woman with large breasts might not always like the rest of her. Of course, that doesn't apply to all men with that specific preference; it's correlation, not causation.

In some cases, though, being a boob guy could be the opposite of being a nice guy. Why else might a guy prefer smaller-than-average boobs?

Swami tells us it could be due to "an acknowledgement that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, ideal preferences being shaped by current or previous partner breast size," among other possible causes. You're not quite the same person as the years go on.

Golf might not be the only thing you'll be surprised to enjoy in the future. Researchers in New Zealand who conducted a eye-tracking study expected to discover that men would spend more time looking at larger-than-average boobs than smaller-than-average. However, they were shocked to discover that "variations in breast size had no vlat effect on eye-tracking measures," including "number of fixations and dwell times.