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Looking for a true Roswell gentlemen

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He never embellished, only told what he saw. Marcel's father was an air force intelligence officer and reportedly Looking for a true Roswell gentlemen first military officer to investigate the wreckage in early Julywhen Marcel was Marcel said his father brought home some of the debris and woke him up in the middle of the night to look at it, telling him it was something he would never see again. His father maintained that the debris "was not of this Earth", Linda Ladies looking nsa Rockledge said.

The item that Marcel said fascinated him the most was a small tru with purple-hued hieroglyphics on it, she said.

After an initial report that a flying saucer had been recovered on a ranch near Roswell, the military issued a statement saying the debris was from a weather balloon.

Interest in the case was revived, however, when the physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman spoke to Marcel's father in the late s. Friedman wrote the forward to Marcel's book The Roswell Legacy and described him as a courageous man who "set a standard for honesty w decency and telling the truth".

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He didn't have to do that. He could have kept his mouth shut.

A lot of people did. On his last trip to Roswell, in early July, the UFO researcher and Earth science professor Frank Kimbler arranged for Marcel to visit the debris site and his childhood home.

He loved astronomy with a passion.

Episode 9 Songs About Texas. Episode 8 Barely Breathing. Pod People How many secret underground bunkers does this town have?

Episode 7 I Saw The Sign. Episode 6 Smells Like Teen Spirit. The Way We Were A very special flashback episode gives us a whole lot of answers, and a whole lot of new questions to unpack.

Episode 2 So Much for the Afterglow. Episode 1 Pilot.

Roswell, New Mexico Premiere Recap: See all episodes. By Tolly Wright.