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Mothers day feet massage

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Working, heels, chasing children, shopping and exercise, take their toll on a part of our body we all take for granted. The good Mothers day feet massage is that a foot massage is a simple way to erase tension and help prevent issues like bunions, plantar faciitis and spurs or relieve them if they are already a problem.

To start get Mothers day feet massage to lie down on her tummy. Place a towel roll under her ankles, so her knees are slightly bent and heat up a heat pack and pop it on her feet.

Make sure you have a little bit of massage oil, light moisturizer or magnesium cream so that you can glide across the muscles. Start on the calf muscles, as these cross the ankle and Mothers day feet massage onto the foot.

If the calf dau are tight they restrict ankle movement and contribute to foot Mothers day feet massage. Run both your hands up the calf, then separate them and slide down the sides of the muscle and repeat.

Do this slowly and apply as much pressure as feels comfortable make sure you ask if the pressure is ok.

Repeat for a couple of minutes. Next you want to gently work out the little knots in the calf. If you do, pause on the knot and Motners pressure to that spot or use your thumb to rub it gently in circles Mothers day feet massage it releases.

Now take the heat pack and place it over the calf muscle.

Use your fist to run Mothees and down the length of the foot. Repeat for a couple of minutes to warm up the foot.

Then hold the foot so that your thumbs are on the sole of the foot and fingers are resting around the other side of the foot. Now grasp the foot with Mothers day feet massage hands and gently slide down the foot, applying a pulling force to gently traction the foot.

Then slide fingers over the toes and then gently pull each toe to apply a gentle traction. Hold this for a few seconds.

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Get mum to turn over and repeat the above techniques on either side of her shin. You can also repeat some of the foot massage techniques mentioned above in this position Mothers day feet massage the picture. Finish with a gentle stretch, pushing her foot back towards her body.

All done! You are now the favorite child. Happy Mothers Day.

Jaquie Physiotherapist.