Aperitivo Luxardo

Aperitivo Luxardo
  • ABV

    11% alc. vol

  • Size

    700 ml.

  • Shelf Life


  • Kosher


One of our drinks with a milder alcoholic content, Aperitivo Luxardo offers an excellent balance of infused roots, herbs and citrus and is an ideal mixer for fruit juices, wine and Prosecco as well as the perfect drink to keep you cool in the summer. This is just one of the fruitier liqueurs that we provide.

Inspired by the aperitif, a bitter drink before a meal to stimulate the appetite, the Aperitivo Luxardo is a lighter, refreshing concoction to be enjoyed during hazy summer days. Fruity and sweet with a tantalising balance, this is ideal for a laid back and relaxing drink.


  • Colour

    A bright, summery orange

  • Aroma

    Full and fruity with strong notes of oranges

  • Taste

    Well-rounded and harmonious, this offers a sweet taste offset by a pleasingly bitter after taste

Serving suggestions

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy your Aperitivo Luxardo:

• Serve neat and chilled with a sprinkling of seltz or on the rocks. Add a slice of orange or lemon for the perfect garnish;
• Serve as a Veneto Spritz: Our 1/3 Aperitivo Luxardo, 1/3 Prosseco or dry sparkling wine and 1/3 soda into a tumbler over ice cubes.


Got some ideas for drinks that uses Aperitivo Luxardo? Get involved in our 2015 Campione and submit your luxardo cocktails recipes today.

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