Luxardo Kirsch

Luxardo Kirsch
  • ABV

    40% alc vol.

  • Size


  • Shelf Life


  • Kosher


Luxardo Kirsch is a pure cherry distillate for culinary use, ideal for salads and pastries. This cherry liqueur uses our famous sour Marasca cherries for a unique, potent flavour present in our Luxardo Cherry Sangue Morlacco and more. Our Kirsch brings out the best qualities of your dish. It makes a delicious drink too, especially after a satisfying meal.


  • Colour


  • Aroma

    An intense, fine aroma typical of Marasca distillate

  • Taste

    Bursting with natural flavours. Smooth, sharp and sweet, you can taste the punch of the distillate over the moderate alcohol content

Serving suggestions

Here’s the best way to enjoy your Luxardo Kirsch:
• Serve neat or on the rocks for a delicious after-dinner drink.

Are you a culinary whizz and want to share your Luxardo Kirsch recipe? Why not submit your recipe into our Luxardo Campione 2015? You can also visit our Get Inspired page for more unique ideas.


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