Luxardo Sambuca

Luxardo Sambuca
  • ABV

    38% alc vol.

  • Size

    500ml - 700ml

  • Shelf Life


  • Kosher


Luxardo Sambuca is an authentic and traditional drink embraced by all the countries of the Mediterranean Basin. In Italy Sambuca is considered to be the national liqueur, and Luxardo has been developing only the highest quality aniseed-based liqueur for centuries. The drink’s name comes from the Arab word “Zammut”, which means anise, the primary ingredient. In Sicily, the word “zammù” is still a part of the dialect and refers to an anise drink that’s been diluted with water.

Sweet and strong, we create our Sambuca by infusing green Sicilian aniseed, Paduan elderberries and the purest grain alcohol. We then add a concentrated solution of sugar and a variety of natural aromas for a sharp taste before maturing it for six months in our Finnish wood vats to create the smooth, well-rounded finish the drink is known for.


  • Colour


  • Aroma

    An intense aroma typical of Sambuca

  • Taste

    Sharp and well-balanced, a rounded flavour with the persistent taste of anise permeating throughout

Serving suggestions

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy your Luxardo Sambuca:

• Serve neat or frozen;
• Enjoy “Con la mosca” by serving in a liqueur glass with three coffee beans floating on top. Set ablaze, extinguish the flame and take a sip for an unforgettable drinking experience.

How do you like to drink Luxardo Sambuca? For more luxardo cocktails and creative recipes involving our classic Italian liqueurs, visit our Get Inspired page or enter your own submission for our 2015 competition.


Like many of our liqueurs, our Sambuca has been recognised for its excellent flavour and has been awarded the following:

• 1998: International Wine and Spirit Competition- London: Gold medal in liqueur category
• 1999: Beverage Tasting Institute - USA: voted 90/100 in the "Buying Guide to Spirits"
• San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2011 - DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL as the Best Herbal Botanical Liqueur.

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