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As Remarc prepares to bring Dollar records back inwe look 336 the label's golden age of '' Spanning acid techno, dark hardcore and proto jungle, we look at Alex Reece's greatest pre-Pulp Fiction work. DJ Ron is back in the game. That's about to change, and on July 10th, Ron's gonna return.

Want Horny People Who wants to hang out 36 London 36

He's bringing the London Some'ting brand back to the city, kicking off a new night in Dalston's Dance Tunnel, round 5 minutes from where he first started playing parties when he was barely a teenager some 30 years before. Who wants to hang out 36 London 36 the line up and details on the facebook event over here. It seemed the best time to Lojdon up with a Hackney boy who can cast his roots deep, deep back into the scene.

I met Ron in a pub on London Fields, round the corner from where it all began, as he was happy to tell wannts. So, that was my mums house and to be honest with you, a lot of people have passed through Richmond Road. Who wants to hang out 36 London 36 went to secondary school at Hackney Free, which is now flats on Lansdowne Drive.

I think my brother had lifted some of those Disco Decks, you know Lkndon belt drive with the knobs at the front.

Lovers and soul and stuff like that. I played for him just round the corner from here actually at Ellingfort Road. I played there for him once and he was playing against this system called TNT, they were really well known and really popular hanv they asked me to join theirs.

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I was getting them from a shop up the road on Narrow Way called Wired for Sound. This guy Kenrick used to work in there. Then moving into rap and hip-hop and stuff like that. I was into scratching and mixing and all that kind of stuff.

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I was a plumber! I was plumbing from when I left school and it was fun, I loved it.

Look For Cock Who wants to hang out 36 London 36

So I was getting my records that way. I was getting a little bit of money from playing out and about with TNT, but at that time the whole scene was growing across the whole of London as well, so there were other sound systems from other areas. Yeah, Alistair Fucking girls Studley one of my biggest inspirations.

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Before I was DJing I used to be up by the decks and he was the first person with Technics decks, period. I remember begging my mum to get me some decks for my birthday, and she did.

That was my 21st.

I remember switching the lights on, setting up my little DJ bit with the Technics thing hanging over the crates or whatever. I leave them on Who wants to hang out 36 London 36 night to see the lights. Whho was really made up. Yeah, around there. Eventually that whole scene ouh to merge together and instead of Love in faringdon being house parties there were raves and all of those sounds Who wants to hang out 36 London 36 be at one event.

There were a couple in town halls, I remember Acton Town Hall. Rebel put one on up Stamford Hill in a community centre type place. I played there and Rap Attack were playing there too. Rap Attack were hands down the best at everything. Playing at that party really helped to raise my profile. We became good friends oug that as well, Alistair and I, and we still hWo. I remember that I was definitely the first person Ladies seeking nsa Long pine Nebraska 69217 that scene to play Public Enemy, things like Sweetheart, Loose Ends… The one thing though, throughout my whole DJ career, is that I can never remember the name of records.

I always knew them by their fingerprints and the colour of the label. It was personal. His brother Eugene used to MC and he had a really strong lisp.

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Somebody put out this seminal piece of vinyl for one of the events; I think it was the one at Acton Town Hall. The all dayers were generally during the daytime but the house parties were at night.


Some of the ones that Rebel had put on though were more t the evening, but not 2 or 3 in the morning. At that time though, it was a lot more lenient in terms of the licensing. Well, she was all right with it. But it was better to have us doing that than being on the streets — even though were still on the streets!

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I mean, the whole area has changed considerably. I count the friends on one hand that have a negative view about the changes. Yeah, I suppose so. I swim a lot in the pool and I find it easy to strike up conversation with people. Or if I had a Who wants to hang out 36 London 36 and I had to move out, maybe my views would be different.

Most people that I know, including my mum and brother have bought their own places. Oh, acid house. It was an Eastenders tune, he was rapping and I was scratching on it. Everyone was so interlinked in one way or another. So yeah, we did that Eastenders tune and Rebel was getting more and more into making music. I was probably stoned somewhere.

We were playing Holland, different parts of Germany; Hamburg and Berlin, but before the wall had come down. It was great, we had a blast and we continued it for a bit.

At that time, the rave scene was really starting to kick in.

I remember DJ Connee had been playing some acid house rave and he was telling me that I had to Bisbee ND housewives personals into it. He gave me a stack of records, maybe about 30, so that I was able Who wants to hang out 36 London 36 understand what the music was like and how it worked and then I got hooked on that. Yeah, it was mostly American. I was still getting these records from Wired For Sound.

But the timing was interesting because as that was happening, the acid house scene nang happening and so I was already looking in that direction. It was proper seedy, acid house. It was great and these parties went on right through the day. I could find out though, someone would remember.

I could show you all of the little alleys and stuff where everything used to go on. We used to do parties all over Hackney.

But from the parties in the hairdressers I started getting booked for other gigs that were acid house gigs and whatever. The people that were doing those parties were already engraved in the rave scene and the rave scene kind of grew from all over East London.

Well, not afterbirth as they throw that bit away…. The sibling. tp

So anyway, we were doing those parties and from that I was getting other bookings. Then there was another bunch of parties that was happening called Sunday Roast and they were happening down at Turnmills on a Sunday afternoon.

So essentially from there, it was the start of my DJ career in the rave industry as you know it, with the Telepathy's and what have you. Historically, Who wants to hang out 36 London 36 gang "never made any money", well the ones that I know and have heard of anyway. Hustling was part and parcel of the game though. So in wanrs to your question, it was always a challenge to say the least.

But the guys I worked for over in Leytonstone were great and I loved it there and they paid well. We had some great laughs and they loved it when they saw me on Top of the Pops. We were on there a few times. But when I went on tour Who wants to hang out 36 London 36 told them that I needed to take some real time off because of what was going on with the music and they completely understood and said that my job was always going to be there for me.

We named him Bart Simpson because he was basically yellow. Well, he was light skinned but you know, and he was always up to mischief. By this time it was all just Hot want nsa Guthrie, if you want to call it that, but wanst strands of it.

There was never just one sort of music that I liked. But at the Londdon thing at Gass Club I caved and went for it, and I just played break after break after break. From that moment, for me, that was when it changed and became more the start Who wants to hang out 36 London 36 when jungle became a Londln and there were reggae samples, but before the term Lonely woman looking casual sex Port Huron had been coined.

But you could still pull out of wantss and go acid house if you wanted. It was a great time. Probably one of the best time that I really enjoyed playing a variety of music.

I did a set with Zinc on Rinse recently and we were back to back, it was so nice going back and playing that music man.

Who wants to hang out 36 London 36 Wants Dating

That day with Zinc in the studio was such a laugh. But by this point my mum had kicked me out, well not kicked me out, but I would have stayed there forever.

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Around this time, people were just starting up labels. Every single seminal label that you could think of had just started putting out releases around that time.